CIS Corporation




Greetings from CIS

Our main market, i.e. the machine vision camera industry is facing a seismic shift triggered by shift from CCD to CMOS image sensors, and the commoditization of the camera thereof.

On the other hand, in the course of image sensors becoming a ubiquitous device, we believe that the former passive sensing will inevitably shift to an active, smart device due to the exponential growth of the number of sensors deployed and the amount of data that need to be crunched.
Bearing this trend in mind, we at CIS, are committed to serving the growth of the smart-sensing environment through delivering advanced imaging systems and by providing integrated smart sensing solutions and IPs tailor made to our customers’ needs.

Please do let us know what you want to do with images: We will strive to deliver a cost effective yet powerful solution that meet your ever demanding requirements.


Yusuke Muraoka
President, CIS Corporation