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We design, develop and manufacture industrial cameras, imaging systems and imaging IPs.

We began manufacturing industrial cameras under our own brand in 1991, and since have consistently pursued developing “small”, “high speed”, and “high performance” cameras.
We recently have started licensing our proprietary “Clairvu™” ISP, and cater to growing demands for bespoke imaging solution comprising both the camera, image processing system and the image processing algorithm, software and logic.
Our strengths lie in our capability to develop and design systems around various image sensors, imaging platforms (multicore processor, FPGA/SoC and GP-GPU), and the power to integrate hardware, software, logic and algorithm into an optimal system.


Machine Vision Camera Image

Machine Vision Camera

As one of the pioneers to embrace CoaXPress I/F technology, we now offer a full range of CXP cameras from resolution as low as VGA all the way up to 250Mpixels.
Known as a pioneer in pixel shift technology, we recently have broadened our product line to include such innovative products as SWIR, polarized and ToF cameras, expanding our coverage beyond visible light.
Our machine vision lineups are suitable for machine vision applications as well as robotics, logistics and measurement equipment.

PoV Camera Image

PoV Camera

With our proprietary Clairvu™ image processing engine at its core, our HD and 4K cameras have gained strong support among broadcasters, medical imaging system manufacturers and AR/VR system integrators for its superb image quality and small form factor. Our latest development includes such products as a super sensitive HD cam with minimum illumination of 0.0005lux, a 4K camera running at a whopping 240fps, and a 4K/60p broadcast quality IP cam, all featuring Clairvu™ ISP. CIS PoV cams are the ideal choice for broadcasting, AR/VR, drones, microscopy and medical applications.

Smart Camera Image

Smart Camera

SCM series products are compact smart camera module that integrates image and ToF sensors with on-board image processing capability.
The system features NXP Semiconductors' highly integrated i.MX8M Plus, an AI processor featuring up to 4 x ARM A53 cores, a powerful NPU (neural processing unit), embedded ISP and various codecs.
The standard product features USB 3.0 I/F, whereas with the addition of optional I/F board, the camera will provide support for Gig. E I/F and HDMI output as well.
This product can be used for a wide variety of applications such as logistics/robotics, drones, elderly care, human flow detection, surveillance and access control.

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IP Image Processing Software and Algorithm

IP Image

We offer hardware IP license of our proprietary Clairvu™ ISP, along with additional modules such as 3DNR, WDR, DRE (Dynamic Range Enhancement) and dehaze processes, along with our 3A (AE/AWB&AF) software. The key character of our hardware IP is that it is fully optimized for implementation on off-the-shelf FPGAs, modular in design, and consumes relatively small hardware resource while achieving exceptional image quality. A recent addition to our IP lineup is a resource-saving SLVS-EC* RX IP.

*SLVS-EC is a trademark of Sony Corporation.

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Custom Imaging Solution Custom Image Processing System Development

カスタムイメージングソリューション Image

CIS offers design, development and production of bespoke image processing system optimized for the customer’s specific requirements. Our service starts with the understanding of the customer’s requirement, and covers the full scope of optimal device selection (optics, image sensors and image processing platform), system architecture proposal, PCB design, firmware, FPGA logic and application software development. We provide both prototyping and mass production services.
Our recent development features a high-speed image processing system featuring latest FPGA-SoC technology, a versatile image processing platform based on GP-GPU, and a cost efficient smart camera featuring multicore processor.
Please let us know what you want to realize: We have the solution for you.