CIS Corporation




Product Quality / Environmental Policy

CIS strives to improve and assure quality of products and service through daily activities to better serve customer needs.
CIS is committed to preserving and improving the global environment, to reproduce the environment in the next generation, and to act accordingly.

Quality Policy

  1. To supply innovative products with our core technologies for camera and image processing.
  2. To supply systems which meet customers' needs and expectations with pursuing Imaging Solution Business.
  3. To try to be an evolving organization with maintaining our intention to create and reform.
  4. To promote all-hands activities to improve product quality with laying out quality strategies down to the individual levels.


  1. To nurture engineering intuition through tireless devotion to technology and quality.
  2. To feel the paradigm change, and take proactive steps to become the industry leader.
  3. To venture into innovation without fear of failure.
  4. To always think about what comprises a truly attractive product.
  5. To understand what the customer wants, and to provide services that caters to their needs.

Environmental Principles

  1. We recognize that the protection of environment is among our top managerial priority, and will organize and implement a system pursuant to this objective.
  2. We will assess the effect of our business activities on the environment, and should there be any factor that could result in environmental deterioration, we will promptly establish corrective targets that are economically and technologically feasible, and implement corrective measures accordingly.
  3. In order to sustain and enforce our environment management system, we will conduct internal audit and management reviews on a periodical basis.
  4. In order to preserve the ecology and the environment, we, throughout our daily business activities, will save energy, reduce waste, reduce the use of hazardous material and prevent contamination.
  5. We take responsibility for our products and promote eco-friendly designing and manufacturing through entire business activities.

ISO Certification

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