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CXP-3 interface, SWIR camera


SWIR camera capable of inspecting invisible part of objects with detection wavelength spectrum from 400~1700nm.
1.3M resolution, 1/2", global shutter type SWIR sensor is used. Must have function ready for FA applications, such as external trigger, ROI (vertical), gamma correction, shading correction, pixel defect correction.

Suitable and useful for various inspection applications such as wafer inspection, PCB inspection, food and agricultural products inspection, pharmaceutical coating and tablet inspection, as well as classification and identification of those. Furthermore, good for process quality control at factories.

*Usage for military related purposes is prohibited by List Controls for Export Trade Control Order.

NewProduct CXP SWIR

Product Features
  • 400nm~1700nm detection wavelength spectrum
  • Complies with CoaXPress Ver 1.1.1, CXP-3
  • PoCXP supported
  • Multifunction: Exposure settings, gain, external trigger, ROI (vertical), defective pixels correction, shading correction,
  • gamma compensation, and more
  • SWIR cameras fall under the category of goods requiring export license.
  • Please follow the necessary procedures to comply with the Japanese government's Export Control Order and Foreign Exchange Order.

Product Specification Outline

Color/Mono SWIR
Resolution 1296 x 1032
fps@Max. Resolution 134.73fps (CXP-3 8bit x 1lane)
Output Format Mono 8 / 10 / 12
Sensor Model Name IMX990
Shutter Type Global shutter
Imager Size 1/2
Effective Pixels 1296 x 1032
Pixel Size (μm) 5 x 5
Pixel Clock (MHz) 74.25
Power Consumption 3.6W (with free run)
Power Requirement PoCXP: 18.5~26V
Shutter Variable Range Manual
Interface CXP 3
Lens Mount C (with conversion ring)
Weight (g) 300
Dimensions (W) x (H) x (D)mm 65 x 65 x 65
Wave Length Short Wave IR

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