Image Signal Processing Algorithm and Software

“ClairvuTM” Full HD, Image Signal Processing Engine

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CIS own designed, algorithm engine for Full HD camera signal processing.
High Resolution, low pseudo‐color and low artifact CFA (Color Filter Array) process produces video image quality equivalent to that of digital single-lens reflex camera.

CIS own designed, algorithm engine for superb imaging quality and high speed processing.


Key Characteristics
  • High Quality Image

    High resolution, low pseudo‐color, and low noise color interpolation process produces high quality images equivalent to that of non‐real time PC‐based DPE application software.

  • Precision Color Reproduction

    Enables precise color reproduction by way of sophisticated color compensation technology (multiple‐axis division of the color plain)

  • High Speed yet Cost Effective

    Algorithm engine that processes 1920x1080 progressive image signals at 60fps can be implemented into a relatively small, a medium sized FPGA.

  • Color Interpolation

    Color interpolation process produces color images out of signal output from Bayer array color sensor, and significantly affects its image quality. “ClairvuTM” enables high resolution, low pseudo-color, and low noise at the same time.

  • テストチャートの比較

  • Color Correction

    Enables finely-tuned color adjustment by applying different correction factor to the region color-by-color

  • 色再現の比較

  • Noise Reduction

    Along with NR by spatial filter, CIS developed 3DNR to calculate the data among frames. 3DNR process reduces noises without losing sharpness/acutance of the images.

  • ノイズ理学ションの比較

  • High Dynamic Range

    Synthesizes two images with different exposure, and produces composite image with wide dynamic range. Proper contrast and adequate color tone are kept.

  • 合成されたHDR画像

  • Others

    Function to correct optical lens characteristics such as shading and distortion, function to control flicker (60fps/50Hz illumination), and others can be implemented.