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About System Solution Business

We are active in the development of tailor-made camera,
image recognition system and image processing systems.

We are capable of providing a turnkey solution tailor-made to your requirements.


We, in particular, are pursuing opportunities in the following areas:


Medical Imaging

By using our proprietary Clairvu™ image processing technology, you can realize imaging system that meets the image quality standard required in the medical imaging field.
By combining our strength in camera. FPGA, DSP and system/application software design, you can develop a cost-effective embedded image processing system tailor-made to your specific requirements.

Cell image in the small bowel taken with CIS Full HD camera, VCC-HD1.

Image recognition system

By using Clairvu™ along with our home-grown 3D noise reduction and/or high dynamic range processes, you can reproduce crisp, low noise image that would contribute in raising the recognition accuracy. For the recognition process, be it for object identification, measurement or whatever application you have in mind, we have long been involved in system developments using Texas Instruments’ processors including the widely popular DaVinci™ processors, and have won numerous design-wins incorporating such digital image processing platform.

Image recognition system Imaging

By combining CIS’s proprietary image processing technology with TI’s digital imaging platform, you can develop a compact, low power consuming and cost effective, embedded imaging system. The end product can be put to use in various applications such as high-end surveillance, food inspection, marketing tools such as in crowd monitoring, and picking & identification systems in machine vision imagery, just to name a few.

CIS Intelligent camera, VCC-V90S with Texas Instruments’ DaVinci™ processor

Image Processing Systems Development:
Our Strength

1. We have expert teams that cater to all relevant technological fields

We have in-house professional teams in mechanical design, circuit design, FPGA logic development, system software development and algorithm development.
Each team possesses professional skills enlisted below:

Mechanical Design Optical design knowledge
Heat dissipation design
Water & dust proof housing design
Micro-motion control using piezo actuator
Cost reduction know-how
Circuit Design Evaluation and design experience for various CCD and CMOS image sensors
Analog and digital circuit design
Miniaturization & low power dissipation design
High-speed interface circuit design (in the order of GHz)
System Software Development System specification development
Real time image processing
System software development using RTOS
Embedded imaging application software development
PC application software development.
We have deep experiences in design and development around TI’s digital video processors.
Algorithm Development *In order to draw maximum performance from the device, we provide optimization at an algorithmic level.
Custom development of image processing application Licensing of original image processing IPs.
Quality Assurance Product design verification (Electrical performance, functionality, anti-vibration, impact, dust and heat dissipation testing, conformance with various safety regulations including RoHS.)
Reliability testing including product safety.
Production Engineering Design review at pre-production stage: Review done on both product quality and ease of production for higher yield.
Promotion of automated production by use of software.
Production controlled production environment.

2. From Proposal to Mass Production

We will support you throughout the product life cycle, from system proposal stage to mass production.
Following depicts how a typical project flows:


Please consult with us on your imaging needs

Looking for a camera but never came to something close?
Planned on developing an image processing system but gave up due to system complexities?
Too early to give up, please do write to us.
We will do whatever is in our power to fulfill your requirements.


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