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SLVS-EC Receiver IP

SLVS-EC Receiver IP

What is SLVS-EC?

SLVS-EC(Scalable Low Voltage Signaling with Embedded Clock)is a high speed, high performance interface for 4th generation Sony CMOS image sensors. SLVS-EC differs from conventional LVDS interface in that the clock is embedded in the data, allowing circuit design without considering the pesky skew between serial buses.
In a nut shell, SLVS-EC enables faster, lower power design made easy.

SLVS-EC Receiver IP Overview

CIS has concentrated on extracting pixel data from the byte data received via FPGA’s high speed transceiver, enabling an IP with low resource usage. We provide reference design along with this IP.

SLVS-EC Receiver IPの図

SLVS-EC Receiver IP Details


Version SLVS-EC v2.0 compliant
Number of input lanes 1,2,4,6,8
Number of output buses 2,4,8,12,16 (2x the number of input lanes)
RAW format RAW8,10,12,14,16
Line length 4 ~ ∞
ECC option N.A.
CRC option N.A.
Baud rate Grade1~Grade3 (Possible by transceiver setting)
Header information output Frame Start/End, Line Valid, Line Number, EBD Line, Data ID, Header CRC Error

Resource Usage

Resource usage on Xilinx AC701 board as follows:

Resource Company A CIS
Register 9654 1724
LUT 6179 3827
Block RAM 4 0

Supported Devices

Supports Xilinx 7 series FPGAs. For Intel FPGAs, please consult us.

Demonstration Environment

Demonstration of up to 2 lanes possible by use of Xilinx AC701 Sony image sensor board. Support for KC705 board (max. 4 lanes), VC707 (max. 8 lanes) possible by way of preparing a relay board.

SLVS-EC Receiver IP Chart


We have a dedicated FPGA and software design team comprising 15 seasoned engineers specializing in high speed interface, image processing and embedded software design and development. Please feel free to contact us on whatever project you have in mind.

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