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Greetings from CIS

In the machine vision market, rapid penetration of CMOS image sensors vs. CCD sensors has given way to rapid commoditization of industrial cameras.

On the other hand, the commoditization of image sensors and cameras will have a social impact in that the applications where such sensors will be used will explode into various fields beyond machine vision, and the conventional “passive” sensors will gradually be taken over by “active”, smart sensors.

As such, CIS is striving to reorganize itself and refocus its corporate strategy in order to adapt to such
ever-dynamic business environment. Following are the three key areas where CIS will put primary emphasis in order to survive and grow:

Welcome new technological challenges: New sensors, faster interface technologies, and new signal processing platforms.

We are developing cameras featuring unique high-speed, high-resolution and CMOS image sensors equipped with faster interfaces ranging from CoaXPress to optical I/F.
We also have dedicated teams for the design and development of signal processing using both FPGA and Texas Instruments’ digital media processors.

Development of new products is beyond plain-old sensor-cameras. We have traditionally been an analog and CCD centric company, however, we will begin serial launch of new products incorporating advanced image sensors and interfaces, and in selected products, embedded image processing functionalities.

As for our image process technology “Clarivu™”, we provide licenses of our IP for incorporation into our customers’ products. The number of licensees is on a steady rise, and we will carry on promoting our technology for use in such areas as medical, broadcasting and food inspection applications which are all new business terrains to CIS.

Promotion of Imaging Solution Business
This pertains to custom development of image processing systems/cameras attuned to our clients’ requirements. We are capable of proposing the system architecture, selection of optimal key devices and system interfaces, system prototyping including mechanical, circuit, firmware design and development, all the way up to mass production. We have extensive experience and knowledge designing systems around Texas Instruments’ digital media processors, and in order to draw maximum performance from such processors, we will provide application port and optimization service of customer’s own software/algorithm upon request.

In summary, we provide one-stop-shop services for realizing our client’s requirements in design, development and mass production of image processing systems and cameras.

Being a relatively small company, we hope that we can turn our size into an advantage and better serve you through our agility and adaptability, and put us on a steady business path so that we can establish an enduring relationship with you.

Looking forward to serving you soon.

Yusuke Muraoka
CIS Corporation


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Business Domain

What We Do

CIS Corporation is a manufacturer of industrial cameras. We develop, design, manufacture, and market high quality industrial camera systems and board cameras for machine vision and security camera applications. We began manufacturing industrial cameras under our own brand in 1991, and have consistently pursued “high-density packaging”, “high speed”, and “high performance” ever since.
While maintaining our key product features mentioned above, we will continue to challenge new technology frontiers such as new sensors, new digital interface, hardware and software integration, and intelligent camera systems. Furthermore, CIS offers total imaging solution to meet wide variety of customers’ needs as a one-stop-shop, proposing system architecture and the most appropriate interface, designing and manufacturing, development of system software, and optimizing customer's image processing application and implementation.

Machine Vision Camera

CIS boasts a wide lineup of miniature, high-speed and high quality machine vision cameras to meet various image inspection requirements. GC/FC 20 series have realized 70fps high speed with 2M pixels resolution while maintaining its remarkably small footprint of 29mm3. With CIS own pixel shifting technology on piezo actuator, a 125M resolution camera was developed. Moreover, we developed products with originally designed Image Signal Processor incorporated, optical interfaced products, and more. We are committed to serving your needs with wide variety of products with exceptional performance, quality and technology.


Image Transmission Products

CIS offers a line of video signal transmission products. By combining these products with our MV cameras, our imaging system can be easily configured to your specific inspection requirement. Optical Signal Converter is used for converting camera link signals of the camera into optical signals, and vice versa, optical signals from the optical fiber cables into camera link signals. Camera Link Repeater is used for extending Camera Link cables.
These products are intended for use with CIS machine vision cameras only.


Image Processing Software and Algorithm

CIS offers imaging solution with software and algorithm available by licensing and verilog.
Putting CIS own designed Image Signal Processor, "Clairvu TM", at the top of the list for superb imaging quality and high speed processing, CIS offers 3A (AE/AF/AWB) software IP to automatically control the camera, QR code reader software optimized for Texas Instruments DSP core, and more.

Customized Development

CIS offers customized development of industrial camera systems and image processing systems on a contract basis. According to the customers’ requirements, CIS selects key devices including image sensor, proposes system architecture and the most appropriate interface, designs circuit, firmware, software, and application software, manufactures, and assures its quality.
Moreover, CIS optimizes customers’ image processing application and implementation.
(Optimization is available by algorithm and codes level.)


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Mission Statement

  1. To put integrity first
  2. To win customer acclaim and confidence through tireless devotion to technology and quality.
  3. To recognize the importance of environmental conservation, and to act on behalf of the betterment thereof through our daily activities.
  4. To maintain organizational agility in order to better serve customer needs.
Mission Statement
  1. To develop and manufacture leading edge integrated imaging systems based on our longstanding knowledge and experience in image processing and camera systems.
  2. To become the leader in quality and performance.
  3. To best serve our customers through quality, agility and speed.


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Research and Development

In order for us to provide unique value to our clients, we will put strong emphasis on and continue investing in “Sensor & Interface”, “Image Processing” and “Software” and “Packaging”.

Sensor & Interface

In such area as flat panel inspection, there is a growing demand on inspecting bigger area at higher speed. In order to meet such demand, we are developing cameras with higher resolution and frame rate. We also have developed patented technology called pixel shift, and by applying this, you can achieve ultra high resolution of more than 100M pixels using less pricey sensors. The bigger resolution must be accompanied by higher image output speed.
CIS has played an integral role in developing PoCL (Power over Camera Link) and PoCL-Lite standards, and we are committed to play a likewise role in forthcoming next generation high-speed interfaces as well.

Image Processing

Over the past 20 years we have nurtured unique sensor-driving and low-noise-imaging technologies. On top of this, we now have an original ISP (Image Signal Processing) technology that further enforces our imaging technology portfolio. Our ISP encompasses all the necessary components from demosaicing, 3A (AE/AWB/AF), color compensation to 3D noise reduction and HDR (high dynamic range) processes.
We are avidly seeking opportunities to make value-added proposals for use of these technologies in such areas as security, surveillance, medical imaging, machine vision, and food inspection.

Intelligence & Software

Traditionally, machine vision camera has been used as an eye, a device that captures images and sends them over to image processing systems, i.e. the brain. However, following the course of Moore’s Law, the power of embedded image processors have grown exponentially and a single today can perform what a desktop PC could do yesterday.
This has enabled what was deemed impossible in the past.
In order to reduce unnecessary information traffic going back and forth, and in order to make the entire system ever much cheaper and efficient, we have long believed that the brain ought to be placed right beside the eye, and have started development of intelligent camera (aka VCC-V80) more than a decade ago. Inside an intelligent camera, a camera with a sensor and embedded image signal processor, software plays a key role in that it is necessary for both the system control and application processing.
CIS has an expert team for software development, and is taking care of both firmware development and embedded application software development that runs on such embedded processors.
CIS will continue developing unique products that requires a high-level of integration of both hardware and software.


Finally, packaging, the process of putting all technological elements together into a final finished product.
The important keywords here are product planning, miniaturization, high speed imaging and reliability.
Product planning was not CIS’s strength in the past. We, however, are in laying out a process whereby we can better listen to understand our customers’ deepest needs, define the product specifications and enable faster development of such product. To this end, we regard your input as quintessential we always welcome your input: Fulfilling your requirement is our corporate mission. We are currently running a total review of our product design process, and we are confident that this will contribute to achieving faster time to market in the very near future.
Then comes miniaturization, high speed imaging and reliability. Ever since our introduction of “22mm cubic” series products in 2009, we have been regarded as a developer of small and fast cameras. Now, even faster, higher resolution sensors abound, which requires faster clock for both image input and output. This poses even tougher design challenges in terms of low power & heat dissipation, and maintaining product reliability as in the past. Under this circumstance, we are committed to carry on delivering high quality products by way of applying various simulation techniques during the product design phase, and by executing even more rigid reliability testing during our quality assurance processes.


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Quality Policy

To Win Customer Satisfaction with Proven Technology and Quality

CIS strives to improve and assure quality of products and service through daily activities to better serve customer needs.

Quality Policy
  1. To supply innovative products with our core technologies for camera and image processing.
  2. To supply systems which meet customers' needs and expectations with pursuing Imaging Solution Business
  3. To try to be an evolving organization with maintaining our intention to create and reform.
  4. To promote all-hands activities to improve product quality with laying out quality strategies down to the individual levels.
Quality Philosophy
1. System Quality

“Good products are produced through proactive and well-managed quality processes”. Having this as our primary philosophy, CIS establishes strong controls over quality assurance system with emphasis on ability and quality of entire processes of FMEA, design review, every reliability test, traceability control, and more.

2. Engineering Quality

CIS strives to minimize defects and increase product reliability and safety.
At each and every product development stage including planning, design and manufacturing stages, CIS has implemented thorough review, inspection and verification processes employing established quality control methods.

3. Personnel Quality

By capitalizing on personnel through education, training, and Kaizen programs, CIS is committed to raising employees’ awareness on quality, and improving relevant skills and capability of the employees. CIS pursues constant improvement in quality and reliability of its products.

  1. To nurture engineering intuition through tireless devotion to technology and quality.
  2. To feel the paradigm change, and take proactive steps to become the industry leader.
  3. To venture into innovation without fear of failure.
  4. To always think about what comprises a truly attractive product.
  5. To understand what the customer wants, and to provide services that caters to their needs.
  • ISO9002:1994 edition Qualified in May,1995
  • ISO9001:1994 edition Qualified in May,1998
  • ISO9001:2000 edition Qualified in May,2002
  • ISO9001: 2008 edition Qualified in June, 2010
  • ISO9001: 2015 edition Qualified in March, 2018
  • Accreditation Organization:TÜV Industries Service GmbH
ISO9001日本語 ISO9001英語 ISO9001ドイツ語
Japanese English German
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Environmental Policy

All employees at CIS shall bear in mind that it is our duty to preserve and improve the global environment, to act on this behalf, and to win the trust.

CIS Corporation is committed to preserving and improving the global environment, to reproduce the environment in the next generation, and to act accordingly. As a testimony to our creed, CIS has developed a written provision on the standard for eco-friendly design practices.
Moreover, CIS has set up initiatives on the use of standard circuitry, development of energy efficient products, device integration, and promotion of lead-free products.

Environmental Principles
  1. We recognize that the protection of environment is among our top managerial priority, and will organize and implement a system pursuant to this objective.
  2. We will assess the effect of our business activities on the environment, and should there be any factor that could result in environmental deterioration, we will promptly establish corrective targets that are economically and technologically feasible, and implement corrective measures accordingly.
  3. In order to sustain and enforce our environment management system, we will conduct internal audit and management reviews on a periodical basis.
  4. In order to preserve the ecology and the environment, we, throughout our daily business activities, will save energy, reduce waste, reduce the use of hazardous material and prevent contamination.
  5. We take responsibility for our products and promote eco-friendly designing and manufacturing through entire business activities.
  • ISO14001:2015 edition Qualified in Mar,
  • Certification Organization:TÜV Rheinland Cert GmbH
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Technology Partner
アナログデバイス株式会社 Analog Devices Inc Analog Devices Alliance Program Member
ザイリンクス株式会社 Xilinx Inc Xilinx Alliance Program Member
Distribution Partners (Alphabetical order)
Daito Electron Co., Ltd. Aegis Electronic Group, Inc.
Blue Mango Technology Blue Mango Technology, Inc
clearview ClearView Imaging Ltd.
daitron Daitron (KOREA) Co.,Ltd.
Dongguan MiVision Technology Co., Ltd Dongguan MiVision Technology Co Ltd
Nevis Co.Ltd Nevis Co Ltd
P1 Phase 1 Technology Corp.
P1 Sure Technology Corporation
Vital Vision Technology Vital Vision Technology Pte Ltd


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About US / Access

Corporate Name CIS Corporation
【Head Quarter & Factory】 539-5, Higashi Asakawa-machi, Hachioji-shi,
Tokyo, 193-0834, JAPAN

MAP 本社・工場

【Hachioji Office
( Sales, Development, Engineering Div. )】
6F, 9-8, Azuma-cho, Hachioji-shi,
Tokyo, 192-0082, JAPAN

MAP 八王子オフィス ( 営業部、設計部門 )

【Solution Development Center】 2F, 5-5-5, Tokumasu Bldg., Higashi Nakano,
Nakano-Ku, Tokyo, 164-0003, JAPAN


Foundation September 1st, 1978
Capital 90 Million YEN
Employees 125 (as of January, 2019)
Business Domain ・Development, Design, Manufacturing, and Marketing of industrial camera systems.
・Development and licensing of image processing software and algorithm.
Board Members
Yusuke Muraoka
Kazuo Kanazawa
Takahiro Okai
Corporate History
Sep., 1978
Founded CAFLO Corporation.
Oct., 1987
Concluded consignment contract with SONY for developing industrial CCD cameras.
Mar., 1991
Developed and started manufacturing VCC camera series.
Jan., 1992
Renamed to CIS Corporation.
May, 1995
Acquired ISO9002 certification.
Nov., 1995
First shipment of CE certified products.
Jun., 1996
Started manufacturing digital cameras.
May, 1998
Acquired ISO9001 certification.
Dec., 2000
Acquired ISO14001 certification.
Apr., 2002
Increased capital to 60 Million YEN.
Nov., 2002
Acquired ISO9001 certification, year 2000 version.
Aug., 2003
Certified as Sony Green Partner.
Oct., 2004
Increased capital to 90 Million YEN.
Oct., 2005
Established Software Development Center in Waseda, Tokyo.
Oct., 2006
Established CIS Americas, Inc.
Sep., 2007
Opened Hachioji Office.
Dec., 2008
Quitted the third-party certification system and started conducting own management system to meet ISO 14001.
May, 2011
Relocate the Software Development Center to Higashi Nakano and changed its name to Solution Development Center.
Mar, 2015
ISO14001: Re-qualified in March, 2015 by the third-party institution.

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