Image Signal Processing Algorithm and Software

CIS offers imaging solution with software and algorithm available by licensing and verilog.
Putting CIS own designed Image Signal Processor, "Clairvu TM", at the top of the list for superb imaging quality and high speed processing, CIS offers 3A (AE/AF/AWB) software IP to automatically control the camera, QR code reader software optimized for Texas Instruments DSP core, and more.

"ClairvuTM" Full HD, Image Signal Processing Engine

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CIS own designed, algorithm engine for Full HD camera signal processing.
High Resolution, low pseudo‐color and low artifact CFA (Color Filter Array) process produces video image quality equivalent to that of digital single-lens reflex camera.

"Clairvu"  Full HD対応Image Signal Processing Engine

3A (AE/AF/AWB) Software IP

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Auto control technologies for exposure and focusing are very important to get good images under the conditions that lighting or shooting object changes. CIS developed 3A software IP to work with “ClairvuTM” ISP. CIS offers software solution to meet customers’ various needs.